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Acne: knowledge is power

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Knowing what are the possible causes of acne can be of great help in treating it. That is why today, I present them to you one by one.

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Acne is a disorder that afflicts a very high number of people, both women and men.
Among teenagers, the percentage is very high: about 80 percent of teens between 14 and 20 y.o. suffer from acne.

However, acne does not always disappear along with puberty, but remains to afflict people, especially women, into adulthood.

But what triggers acne?
The situations that must arise for acne to appear are essentially 3:

  • an excessive production of sebum, also called seborrhea;
  • an accumulation of dead skin cells, which together with excess sebum, clog the pores of the skin;
  • the presence of a dysbiosis of our skin barrier.

It is only when all these conditions occur simultaneously that acne appears.

What happens on our skin can be briefly described as follows:
The pore becomes clogged, due to sebum and skin cells, inside it some harmful bacteria begin to proliferate, which find inside the clogged pore their ideal habitat to grow and multiply.
This bacterial aggression triggers our body’s immune reaction, inflammation, which manifests itself in the formation of cystic or purulent lesions, all of which we tend to generalize by describing as “pimples.”

What might cause this explosive sequence of events (sebum, accumulation of dead cells, dysbiosis) is not entirely clear yet. The possible reasons seem to be many indeed:

Genetic predisposition, diet, hormonal imbalance, stress, up to the use of cosmetic products or cleansers that are not suitable for our skin.

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