Innovative Cosmetics

Keyword: Freshness

Our products are always made in small batches, so you can enjoy maximum freshness and expression of each active ingredient.

If you were buying a cake for a special event, would you choose it from the ready-made cakes in a supermarket, or would you have it prepared fresh for the occasion by a bakery?
Every day, we also nourish our bodies through our skin. But if fresh food is preferable, why shouldn’t it be the same for cosmetic products?
With Origo, you can now also choose freshness for your skin care.
Each Origo product contains the exuberance of a freshly picked flower thanks to our innovative Just in Time production, which we have made one of the pillars of our philosophy.
Just in Time production allows us to guarantee the extreme freshness of the raw materials used for our products and makes it possible to use small quantities of preservatives, all of which are strictly natural.
It also allows us to produce only what we need, minimising waste and reducing our impact on the environment.

Stiamo al passo con la tua pelle

Partiamo da un’importante premessa: la pelle non è statica, ma cambia continuamente.

La pelle è l’organo più vasto del nostro corpo, un’estesa barriera che ci protegge quotidianamente. È complessa e in continua evoluzione, influenzata da molteplici fattori come l’ambiente esterno, l’età, il nostro stile di vita e le nostre emozioni. Per adattarsi ad ogni particolare momento la pelle cambia e cambiando, può maturare bisogni diversi e nuove esigenze.

Per poterle soddisfare, e stare al passo con la tua pelle, abbiamo creato una collezione di prodotti molto versatili, da combinare tra loro per realizzare programmi di trattamento personalizzati, che grazie anche al supporto delle nostre consulenti potrai modificare nel tempo per seguire le necessità della tua pelle.

Keeping up with your skin

Let’s start with an important premise: the skin is not static, it is constantly changing.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, an extensive barrier that protects us on a daily basis. It is complex and constantly changing, influenced by many factors such as the external environment, age, our lifestyle and our emotions. To adapt to each particular moment, the skin changes and as it changes, it can develop different needs and new requirements.

In order to meet these needs, and to keep up with your skin, we have created a collection of versatile products that can be combined to create personalised treatment programmes. With the support of our consultants, you can modify these programmes over time to suit your skin’s needs.

Transparency and communication

ORIGO, the brand we have always been looking for: transparent and always at your disposal.

The raw materials used in the preparation of our cosmetic products are of paramount importance to us.

We have chosen to use only ingredients accepted by the major certification bodies, in order to always guarantee maximum safety and eco-sustainability, with complete transparency.

We believe that direct communication between producer and consumer is indispensable.

In an increasingly chaotic and crowded world, in which there are infinite possible choices for everything, choosing becomes paradoxically more and more difficult.

Thanks to the valuable work of our Consultants, we will be able to give you all the answers you are looking for and help you select the most suitable products for you.

We will work with you to create the beauty and care ritual that best suits your needs and we will put our knowledge at your disposal so that you can always feel confident and satisfied with your choices.