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Natural cosmetics

Natural yes, but also fresh!

Have you ever tried a natural, freshly prepared cosmetic?
Try it! It won't disappoint, like a freshly baked cake.
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Nature for your well-being

Are you tired of the usual cosmetics?

We are different! Want to know why?
Learn more about ORIGO!
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A professional consultant for you

Request a free consultation

We will create a personalised beauty routine for you, because every skin is unique and different and it is important to choose the right products to take care of it.

Our Products

Natural cosmetics for a fresh start

Origo means origin in Latin.

Origo‘s world has its origin in nature, but the origin of your world is you.

Choose only the best for yourself and the people you love, with fresh, high-performance and, of course, completely natural products!

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Our Products

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A brand made of people

We are the most demanding customers

We have reformulated and tested each of our products over and over again to bring you only the best, and we will continue to do so. We are our toughest judges because, like you, we have searched the market for the perfect products until we decided to create them ourselves.
Energy for your skin

The formula for well-being

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and only when it is fit and healthy does it look its best. That’s why we need to nourish and care for it with natural, fresh and genuine ingredients to give it the right amount of energy to shine every day.
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100% Natural

No parabens, synthetic fragrances and colouring, mineral oils or products derived from petroleum.

Certified ingredients

We have chosen to use only ingredients accepted by the major certification bodies.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Completely plant-based ingredients for products that are never tested on animals.


The production of our natural cosmetics is sustainable and ethical.

Airless bottles

We use airless bottles for better storage and reduced waste.

To be effective, a skincare routine should always start with a thorough cleansing of the skin. Let’s see why!

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Personalised Consultations

Everyone’s skin is different and changes over time, which is why we believe it is essential to create personalised beauty routines, and we offer this service free of charge!

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