The Importance of Cleansing

To be effective, a skincare routine should always start with a thorough cleansing of the skin. Let's see why!

Cleansing not only cleanses the skin of dirt, but when done correctly, it also prepares the skin for the next treatment steps by clearing the pores of sebum, smog and make-up and giving the skin its first hydration level.

Correctly cleansed skin is therefore more receptive and better able to absorb the active ingredients that will be applied later; this is why it is important never to neglect this step and always take the time to cleanse properly.


There are different types of cleansers that should be chosen, alternated or combined according to the moment.

Our cleansing basics provide several alternatives for cleansing the face. Let us discover them together:

Cleansing mousse

Cleansing mousse

A little cuddle for the face. This soft mousse is a gentle, water-based cleanser that is very effective at removing dirt, smog and impurities deposited on the skin throughout the day, and at dissolving sweat and certain types of make-up. It is practical and quick and can be used morning and evening on all skin types.

Washing Oil

The Washing Oil

Oil-based cleansers remove oily residues from the skin by affinity. They are therefore ideal for removing make-up, but also for cleansing skin that tends to be oily and impure, as they remove excess sebum very gently but effectively. Conversely, overly aggressive cleansers used on impure skin may stimulate the skin to produce even more sebum to protect itself from aggression, thus having the opposite of the desired effect. That's why we have developed our Washing Oil, a product you absolutely must discover! It is ideal for gentle cleansing and particularly recommended at times when the skin is most sensitive and unbalanced.

Gentle face scrub

Gentle face scrub

Once the skin has been cleansed of impurities, it is time to exfoliate. This step in the cleansing process serves to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal to give the skin a younger, fresher and more toned appearance. The frequency with which you should tackle this step can vary depending on your skin type and situation but should not exceed 3-4 times a week. For ultra-gentle exfoliation, try our Gentle Face Scrub with Hazelnut Flour, Papaya and Jojoba Oil, which is both exfoliating and nourishing for soft and supple skin!

Washing Oil

Basic toning face mist

And here is the last but not least step. Toning mist. The toning mist helps to restore balance after cleansing, repair the skin barrier, re-hydrate and re-mineralise the skin and restore its pH. Our Base Toning Face Mist is a super blend of natural extracts and floral waters that will help your skin start each day on the right foot!


When washing your face, take the opportunity to gently massage your skin in circular motions. This increases blood circulation, facilitates the removal of dirt and increases cell turnover, so that your skin is always bright and toned!