Production Philosophy

Natural cosmetics: why choose them

The three key concepts: Skin compatibility, Skin affinity and Effectiveness.

Natural raw materials are generally more dermocompatible than synthetically derived alternatives. This means that they are better tolerated by the skin and there is less risk of them causing irritation or redness.

The skin recognises and accepts natural ingredients better, with which it has a greater affinity. It is thus able to make full use of them, allowing the valuable active ingredients to penetrate and act in depth, for long-lasting results.

In contrast, artificial and synthetic substances are often not absorbed by the skin, but instead remain on the surface, creating a patina that prevents the skin from performing its functions properly.

Natural cosmetics nourish and regenerate the skin day after day, working from the inside out to achieve results that are also visible on the outside. If applied consistently and regularly, natural products can greatly improve the health of our skin, restoring its balance, keeping it young and supple for longer, protecting it from the external environment, nourishing it and moisturising it in depth.

cosmetica naturale

Our natural ingredients

The formulation of a natural cosmetic product is very complex and requires the replacement of any synthetic or potentially harmful ingredient with new, more effective natural alternatives.

Here you can find the list of substances, or categories of substances, that we do not use in our formulations, and find out what all these ingredients are replaced with at Origo:
Do not containWe replace these substances with
Synthetic fragrances and dyesPure essential oils or natural fragrances
Parabens and other synthetic preservativesNaturally derived preservatives, accepted by major certification bodies
SiliconesNatural-based light oils and botanical butters
Mineral oils100% natural vegetable oils
Petroleum derived productsVegetable based or naturally derived waxes and oils
TEA, DEA, SLS or SLESVegetable-based cleaning and foaming agents, derived from plants and sugars
PEGNaturally derived emulsifiers and solubilisers and vegetable glycerine
Formaldehyde releasersSafe preservatives, all naturally derived
MicroplasticsNatural exfoliating particles, derived from plants or fruit stones.

We only use ingredients that are accepted by the major certification bodies, to guarantee maximum safety and eco-sustainability, with complete transparency.

flaconi airless

Airless technology

A simple casing with many advantages

Wherever possible, we use airless bottles for our products to ensure better product preservation and reduced waste.

Better product preservation
Airless bottles minimise contact between the product and the air, slowing down the oxidation process of the ingredients. As a result, the product stays fresh longer and retains its characteristics.
Reducing waste
Airless bottles allow you to precisely dose the amount of product to be used. And thanks to the vacuum created inside the bottles, the product is always dispensed completely, right down to the last drop.

Essential packaging

Loving and respecting nature also means giving up everything that is not strictly necessary.

How many times have you bought a product and thrown the packaging away when you got home?

We have chosen to eliminate this non-essential component from our products: a small gesture to protect and preserve the planet.

The bottles you order will be delivered to you in a pretty reusable shopper, without the usual cardboard case to contain them, or will be sent to you in a pretty cardboard box without any plastic packaging and completely recyclable.


The production of our natural cosmetics is sustainable and ethical. Our products are free of pollutants, are not toxic or harmful to health and are never tested on animals (as per Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council).

We use only plant-derived ingredients, respecting the animals we love and respect, and we choose each ingredient with care, making sure it comes from sustainable cultivation.