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The meaning of Holistic

olistico il significato
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You have surely heard this term somewhere before, but do you know exactly what it means?

The term holistic refers to the theory of holism, which without offering you articulate definitions, I will try to briefly explain below and in simple terms:

The theory of holism holds that a whole, for example a living organism, is more or otherwise different, than the simple sum of its parts.

In other words, holism tells us that we should not regard a living organism as a mere collection of parts, but should instead regard it as a total unity, because the individual parts are not and cannot be disconnected from one another.

Going into an even more practical realm, holistic philosophy teaches us that everything that makes us up, as individuals, is connected and that the suffering of one part of the whole can affect or manifest on other parts.

Sometimes, in short, to fully understand the cause of a disorder, it is necessary to look elsewhere, without focusing solely on the organ or part of the body that manifests the problem.

When it comes to skin, the holistic concept takes on an important relevance.

Our skin is strongly influenced by what goes on inside our body, and this can change its appearance and health status.

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