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Why not put SPF in the drawer

SPF-30 protezione solare tutto l'anno
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Summer is over, and if you were already thinking about filing away sunscreen for next year, now I’ll explain why it’s not a good idea.

I’m right aren’t I? How many times after the summer and vacation is over, have you taken your sunscreen and thrown it in the bottom of a drawer waiting for next summer? (Which by the way is not to be done because creams have an expiration date!)

Nobody likes sunscreen, I know. Some are sticky, some are hard to spread, and it always remains an extra step in your skin-care routine that if you could you would avoid.

SPF-30 protezione solare tutto l'anno

The point, however, is that you can’t.

I’m sorry, I would have liked to give you good news and tell you that the sun is only bad for your skin in the summer but unfortunately that is not the case.

As long as the sun is shining in the sky, as long as your skin is exposed to its rays, it will not be safe without a sunscreen.

It doesn’t matter if it is winter and the sun is less warm, or if it lasts for fewer hours in the sky. Every moment your skin spends in the sun without protection exposes it to irreparable cellular damage, which will result in its early aging.

We can file away body sunscreen, I’ll give you that, but face sunscreen never. NEVER!

It is your best friend and always will be.

It protects you from hyper-pigmentation, post-acne spots and as mentioned above, from irreparable premature cellular aging.

invecchiamento pelle

Shall we see Bill’s picture again?

But yes let’s see it again!

Thank you Bill for helping to raise awareness of sun damage.

Bill is a truck driver who has driven the same long road every day for 28 years, always exposing the same side of his face to the sun, through the window.

Irrefutable proof of how much the sun affects the aging of our skin (and how a window actually does not protect us from the sun).

So, if you spend hundreds of euros on cosmetics, beauty treatments, machines, cosmetic surgery, everything you can in this relentless battle waged against time, don’t nullify it all by forgetting sunscreen.

The sun fills us with joy, ripens plants and fruit, turns sunflowers, makes flowers bloom. It allows plants to work and produce oxygen and our bodies to produce precious vitamin K.

We all love the sun, but better with an SPF on 😉

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