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Skin moments

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We are often asked, “but what are skin moments?” To explain this, we need to start with an important premise: our skin changes. It changes all the time. It changes as we grow over time, but it also changes to adapt to its environment, which influences it. It changes according to what we eat, our lifestyle, where we live. It changes with the seasons or because of stress or the hormones we produce. There are many factors that can influence our skin, which leads us to the conclusion that our skin cannot always be the same.
We define the moments of the skin, all the situations in which it can be found. Photographs of our skin in its various moments. Depending on the moment, our skin may need one cosmetic treatment rather than another. Yes, because if the skin changes, so do its needs and therefore also the active ingredients to make it feel at its best. The concept of skin moments serves as a reminder that our skin is unique and changing, and that not only can we not compare it to other people’s skin by using the products of a friend who has perfect skin to achieve the same result, but also that what feels good for your skin today may not feel good tomorrow. I know, it seems like things are getting too complicated now. In reality, all we need to do is listen and observe our skin. Let’s move away from the idea of “this is my moisturizer, I feel good in it and I will use it forever” and towards a more plastic concept. It’s warm? I’ll use a lighter moisturizer. It’s cold? I’ll use a rich oil or moisturizer. Do I see any blemishes on the horizon? I will take action by adding some sebum regulating and purifying products to my beauty routine.
To help you select the most suitable products for different skin types, we have decided to:
  • divide our lines by target, i.e. according to the result they aim to achieve, rather than by skin type, so as to help you see them as mixable with each other to achieve personalised results.
  • provide you with free, ongoing skincare consultations with our Beauty Suasors, who will work with you to choose the most suitable products on the basis of various factors and help you adjust your cosmetic treatment over time according to your skin’s needs.

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