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But does the skin… breathe?

la pelle respira?
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How many times have you heard affirmed and denied it by now? And what is the truth?
The time has come for some clarity.

I would start by immediately answering this question: skin does not breathe, not really at least.
It sounds like a simple question, but actually the answer is not entirely unambiguous.

We could say that according to the literal meaning of the verb “to breathe” then no, skin does not breathe. The skin does not possess lungs to breathe and absorb oxygen.

There is a though, however, which lies in the meaning that those who claim that the skin breathes want to give to this phrase instead.

In fact, the verb “to breathe” is often misused to suggest a concept of freedom.
Upon hearing the word “breathe” one is reminded of a hiker who from the top of a cliff, with the wind in the hair and the sun in the face, takes an endless breath of air and freedom.

Breathing is life.

If taken literally then our starting sentence is incorrect, however
how often do we misuse the term “breathe”?
“Don’t cover the wound, let it breathe.”
“Leave the mattress in front of the window to let it breathe.”
“Your hair will break if you keep it tied all the time, let it breathe once in a while.”

So it is not so unusual that this word was chosen to suggest the importance of leaving the skin free of occlusive substances to keep it healthy.

I hope I have managed to give you some clarity and now, our skin-care tips to let your skin “breathe” 😉

  1. Remember to cleanse your face thoroughly morning and night with a gentle cleanser
    (Cleansing mousse)
  2. Do not go to bed with make-up on.
    (Washing oil)
  3. Exfoliate your skin regularly every week.
    (Cleansing gel, Enhancing toner, Gentle face scrub)

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